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Meg awoke early the next morning quite refreshed. She was pleased to open her eyes and see the tapestries adorning the walls and her parents’ unfinished portrait hanging where it was the first thing she saw when she woke up. Arising, she began preparing for her day. She reached for a dress when she heard something fall to the floor of the armoire. She moved things out of the way of the bottom. Something was caught in a crack between the floor and the back wall. Opening both doors wide for better light, she reached for the broach wedged tightly in the crack. Meg kneeled down for a better grip on the small piece of jewelry. She tugged on it, but it didn’t budge. She placed her left hand on the front edge and leaned forward tightening her grip on the broach. Suddenly, the floor of the armoire shifted to reveal a darker space.

“What!?” exclaimed Meg. She leaned closer. It was a hidden drawer! Meg sat back on her heels placing her hand over her heart to still its racing beat. Meg knew in the past, furniture often had hidden compartments for valuables and documents. Anything could be in there! Meg felt excitement rising as her imagination soared. Money! Jewels! Family secrets! State secrets! Deeds to property! Who knew how old these things could be. Oh, my goodness! Maybe there were Other Things in there: spiders, mice, rats, oh, God, a snake! Meg’s breath was coming short and fast. She scrambled to her feet and backed away from the armoire without ever taking her eyes off the darker section with the hidden drawer.

She stood still for a moment. Closing her eyes she began breathing deeply to control her trembling. At last, she was calm again. She emptied the armoire to give more light so she could see the aperture. She still could not see clearly enough, so she went to the candleholder and lit the candle. Shielding the flame, she walked back to the armoire and knelt in front of it again. She very carefully inched the candle closer to illuminate the opening. Nothing moved. No eyes stared back at her. She gathered her courage around her like a protective cloak and slowly reached her right hand into the opening. She put pressure on the lid to the open space, which slid further open.
Meg could see something had been hidden inside the drawer. Slowly, reaching into the dark space she felt inside. Her fingers brushed against the object hidden there. It felt like foolscap. Putting her fingers around the edge of the bundle she slowly levered the dusty object up out of the drawer. Carefully unwrapping the bundle she discovered a small leather bound book.

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