Nya Rawlyns

FLANKMAN (A Crow Creek Novel, book 5), Nya Rawlyns
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Two men, in a long term, hidden relationship, face walls of hate and the kind of disgrace that ruins lives. All they wanted was to set aside the secrets and lies, to be together. The challenge lies in knowing the difference between what you want … and what you need.

Danny watched Tristan rough grooming the piebald, his shoulders bunching and stretching as he reaching down to swipe at the legs, the early morning sun reflected in beads of sweat peppering his bare torso. It was uncommonly warm for this late in the season, warm enough to pull moisture from a man who expended effort.
Benny materialized next to him. They watched quietly as Tristan moved from one gelding to another, and it occurred to Danny he wasn't the only one admiring the view, nor was his lover unaware he had an audience.
For no reason he could conjure, Danny murmured, "There's a lot to like."
Benny glanced sideways, the fine lines around his eyes tightened as he titled his head in agreement. "You're a lucky man." He went back to staring, the set to his shoulders hinting at resignation.
It made Danny pause to think about being surrounded by people—ranch hands, neighbors, guests—and being completely alone. It was something he understood all too well. For more years than he wanted to recall, that had been him. Always watching, wishing, and finally putting it aside because what he wanted wasn't meant to be. Until Tristan.
"Waited lot of years."
Danny fisted his hands, not sure where the confidence came from. He wasn't one to open up, to bare his inner thoughts. He walked a tightrope, keeping himself receptive and honest, responding to folk who needed an ear and maybe a nudge. He liked doing that, liked feeling needed. It had made up for a lot of emptiness he'd been carrying around.
"Looks like it was worth it."
Danny nodded. "Ain't easy though."
The man's jaw tightened. "Never is."

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The Crow Creek Series Box Set (Nya Rawlyns)
The saga of Ash MacBryde and Oak Richards in one complete set.

Genre: M/M contemporary western romance

“Beautifully written and with male leads that will just break your heart with their emotional stories, depth of character and sheer sexiness, this is a true love story of two men coming together on the ranch to find in each other what is missing in themselves.”
~~TRR’s Susan Mac Nicols

Crow Creek Ranch nestles in the foothills of the Absaroka Range in Wyoming, bordering a wilderness that challenges brave men, testing their mettle … and their hearts.

It’s been called hot, sexy and tender. Ash MacBryde is domineering and possessive, and carrying an emotional burden he’s buried deep. Oak Richards is shy and reclusive, comfortable around the horses he loves, but tongue-tied when it comes to people. Two men, so different and yet alike, come together and find the missing pieces in each other. But love’s never easy, not when one of them carries secrets. The chance arrival of an old friend and former lover re-ignites memories Ash has been trying to hide, threatening everything he holds dear. When he loses control and does the unthinkable, Oak runs—back to his home and back to an employer who had once cast him away like so much trash. Oak has his own demons waiting for him, in the guise of the man who’d opened the closet door for him, a man determined to pick up where they left off so many years before. When Ash shows up to bring his man home, he discovers a side to Oak he never knew. And the only way the domineering, possessive man and the gentle, reclusive soul can find their way back to Crow Creek Ranch means learning that … sometimes it takes two wrongs to make it right.


Now available, Book 4 in the Crow Creek Series
Sorting Will (A Crow Creek Novel) by Nya Rawlyns
Genre: Contemporary western M/M romance, ménage, action-adventure

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Will Halliday is determined to stake his claim on furthering his career and developing a specialized veterinary practice out west. With help from Ben Kincaid, a friend with benefits, he sees the move as going to a better life, not running from narrow-minded colleagues and past disappointments.  The problem with that new life is that it’s looking more like self-imposed exile than liberation.

Sam Turner is settled in his profession, fast-tracked for the ultimate advancement. To get there he has to bury his secrets so deeply that only Ash MacBryde knows the truth.  Living a lie is never easy, but the rewards, for a time, seem worth it, until Sam meets Will in the rodeo arena and everything changes.

Drawn together, Will, Sam and Ben tangle with their explosive emotions and the ties that bind them to secrets, lies and promises made in the heat of the night.



Ash & Oak: http://amzn.to/18XLX4r
Pulling Leather: http://bit.ly/18WrvB1
Strapping Ash: http://amzn.to/165nWbu
Sorting Will: http://amzn.to/18A47up
The Crow Creek Series Box Set (Vol. I): http://amzn.to/1bTe5px

ARe/OmniLit: All titles are ARe Bestsellers

Ash & Oak: http://bit.ly/18WrvB1
Pulling Leather: http://bit.ly/1ekJHYg
Strapping Ash: http://bit.ly/1em3sv9
Sorting Will: http://bit.ly/1gzSaVf
The Crow Creek Series Box Set (Vol. 1): http://bit.ly/1c5AWQh

For reviews and additional buy links: http://the-men-of-crow-creek.weebly.com/


  1. this book sounds like my kind of book. I have not read this author but I will be soon :)

  2. The men of Crow Creek are just that: men. Hot, horny, headstrong, dripping testosterone. Love? Yes, but love a man's way — tough, challenging, gritty, sweaty, messy love, full of complications that threaten not just relationships but lives, on the ranch, on the endurance trail, on the rodeo circuit. Nya Rawlyns' characters live with dangerous beasts — horse and human — and her depiction of those lives is intense, enthralling and not to be missed.


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