Interview with Martin Bodenham

Interview with thriller writer, Martin Bodenham

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We are all very glad you came here to JBR. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks for inviting me, Julie.

I write international thriller novels, loosely based on financial crimes and the law. I guess you could describe my stories as Wall Street meets The Firm. Much of what I write has been based on my twenty-five year career as a private equity investor. It is an industry full of high drama, greed and fear, providing me with plenty of material for my books.

As a reader I love all genres but my followers want to know what to expect from your books. Action, adventure, romance, sex, magic?

My readers can expect to be taken into the worlds of organized crime, money laundering and the boardrooms of international companies and investment banks, where fortunes can be made or lost and only the strong survive.

Who is your favorite character from your books?

My favorite has to be John Kent, who is the main character in my novel, The Geneva Connection. The best way I can describe him is by sharing the blurb for that story:

Brilliant investor John Kent is living his dream. The success of his private equity firm has propelled him into the ranks of the world's super-rich, allowing him to give his family the security and advantages he hadn't known in his own childhood.

But John's dream is shattered with the discovery that his largest investor is bankrolled by the most vicious drug cartel in Mexico. Then one of his partners is murdered to guarantee his silence, and John realizes he cannot go to the authorities.

When the ambitious head of the DEA threatens John with incarceration, his nightmare is complete. If he resists the DEA, what will happen to his family while he's imprisoned? But the alternative is worse. For if John chooses to betray the cartel, he and his family might pay the ultimate price.

What is your newest release? Can you tell us a little about it?
Product Details
Although it has not been released yet, my next novel is with my agent.

Josh Traynor is the brightest investor of his generation, earning in one year on Wall Street what most people rarely make in a lifetime. But Josh is not in this for personal enrichment. He sees the money as an opportunity to do good and gives away most of his income to charitable causes.

When he sets up his own private equity firm in Boston, Massachusetts, investors clamber for places. His new firm’s first major deal is the twenty-five billion dollar acquisition of a defense technology company from the US government, desperate to raise money to reduce crippling federal debt. But, soon after, Josh discovers he’s bought a pup when a bitter former senior employee of the newly acquired company tells him the technology does not work.

Facing financial and reputational ruin, Josh investigates the US Treasury officials behind the sale. What he discovers is a terrifying web of corruption and deceit extending to the top of government, involving blackmail and assassination on an industrial scale.

What about future projects? Any hints?

Currently, I am editing my next thriller, which I hope to see published later this year.

Michael Hoffman has come a long way from the deprivation of his childhood in Chicago’s south side. Now he’s a young, successful partner in a major New York law firm, handling some of its clients’ most prestigious M&A deals. With a beautiful wife, and two young daughters who look up to him, he has built the perfect life.

But Michael has a secret: one that goes back to his childhood; one that not only would destroy his family and brilliant career but, if discovered by the right people, would also get him killed.

There is only one person who knows this secret, and he is a career criminal who manages a low profile hedge fund, bankrolled by mob money. Michael’s secret is safe provided he agrees to feed details of acquisition deals to the fund so they can make millions from insider trading.

Can you give aspiring authors any advice?

In most cases, tenacity and hard work pay off in the end. There are no short cuts.

Who is your favorite author?

It has to be John Grisham. I love the pace and intrigue to be found in his novels. He has a way of hooking the reader and keeping them there, wanting to know how the story ends.

Favorite place to travel to?

Cape Cod. My wife and I go there most years. Great food and big skies...

And finally where can we find your books?

My novels can be found on Amazon at: www.amazon.com/Martin-Bodenham/e/B006N69HDG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
More information on my writing can be found on my website: www.martinbodenham.com

Thanks for visiting with us here on JBR! I wish you great success.

Julie Ramsey


  1. I think financial thrillers will remain in the public eye - and the public interest - while the financial crisis endures. There's money out there somewhere! Good luck with your books, Martin.

    1. Thanks, Derek. Not a great time to be a banker, but the right time to be writing about them!


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